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Available for the First Time in Modern Editions

Published by Breitkopf & Härtel in the twenty-five years after Mozart’s death, ten derivative works based upon Mozart’s music became the standard by which he was judged as a church composer well into the second half of the nineteenth century. In fact, of the eighteen pieces listed in the “Oratorios, Masses, and other Church Music” section of Breitkopf’s 1847 catalog, twelve are derivative pieces, having fitted new text to existing Mozart movements.

Hailed by early biographers such as Georg Nikolaus von Nissen and Alexander Ulibischeff as great masterworks making Mozart’s sacred music available to German choral societies, the pieces would later fall out of favor as the authentic works became more widely available. Still, their importance in early Mozart performance and reception history cannot be denied, and no serious Mozart collection can be complete without them.

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The Contrafacta Choruses Collection

Three volumes, paperbound

Volume One

Cantaten 1-4


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Heiliger, sieh gnädig, K. Anh. 124
derived from Litaniae de venerabili altaris Sacramento K. 125


Allerbarmer höre, K. Anh. 125
derived from Litaniae Lauretanae B.M.V. K. 109

Herr, Herr, vor deinem Throne, K. Anh. 126
derived from Missae K. 220 and 259, and Offertorium K. 72


Ewiger, erbarme dich!, K. Anh. 127
derived from Missae K. 220 and 427, Offertorium K. 277, and Magnificat K. 193

Volume Two

Cantaten 5-7


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Mächtigster, heiligster, K. Anh. 128
derived from Missa K. 258

Hoch vom Heiligthume, K. Anh. 129
derived from Dixit K. 193 and Vesperae K. 321

Herr, auf den wir schauen, K. Anh. 130
derived from Missae 259 and 427

Volume Three

Mottetten 1-3

Anticipated release, 2020

Preis dir Gottheit, K. Anh. 121
derived from Schon weichet dir Sonne in König Thamos, K. 345

Ob fürchterlich tobend, K. Anh. 122
derived from Ihr Kinder des Staubes in König Thamos, K. 345

Gottheit! dir sei Preiss und Ehre!, K. Anh. 123
derived from Gottheit über alle Mächtig in König Thamos, K. 345

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